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Buy Intuit QuickBooks Premier (5-Users, Download) featuring Organize Business Finances, Reports for Specific Industries, Instant View of Bills. Looking to Download Quickbooks Desktop (Pro, Pro Plus, Premier, Accountant, for Mac, Enterprise). How to Install, System Requirements. Hi there, I found a new Premier Desktop want to buy for my side business, but wondering if it still able to register since Intuit don’t.❿


Quickbooks premier nonprofit edition 2016.International

Get a trial version Search and download your QuickBooks versions and download your purchased product versions by signing into your Intuit account*. The Nonprofit edition of QuickBooks includes features such as a chart of accounts customized for nonprofits, forms and letters targeted to donors and pledges. Buy Intuit QuickBooks Premier (5-Users, Download) featuring Organize Business Finances, Reports for Specific Industries, Instant View of Bills.❿

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Versions for other countries differ from the U. After that, go ahead and jump from topic to topic depending on the bookkeeping task at hand. All the features in QuickBooks Pro—and in this book—are also in Premier. To keep you productive, this book evaluates features to help you figure out which ones are most useful and when to use them. QuickBooks The Missing Manual is designed to accommodate readers at every technical level.

The primary discussions are written for people with beginner or intermediate QuickBooks skills. These chapters cover creating a company file and setting up accounts, customers, jobs, vendors, invoice items, and other lists.

These chapters describe how to track time and expenses, pay for things you buy and other expenses, bill customers, manage the money that customers owe you, manage your bank accounts, and perform other bookkeeping tasks. Part Three , delves into the features that can help you make your company a success—or even more successful than it already is. These chapters explain how to keep track of the financial tasks you need to perform, manage QuickBooks files, keep your inventory at just the right level, work with sales tax, build budgets, and use QuickBooks reports to evaluate every aspect of your enterprise.

Part Four , helps you take your copy of the program to the next level. Part Five , provides a guide to installing and upgrading QuickBooks and a reference to helpful resources. To use this book and QuickBooks , you need to know a few basics.

To click means to point your cursor the arrow pointer at something on the screen and then—without moving the cursor—press and release the left button on the mouse or laptop trackpad. To right-click means the same thing, but you press the right mouse button instead. Clicking usually selects an onscreen element or presses an onscreen button, whereas right-clicking typically reveals a shortcut menu , which lists some common tasks specific to whatever you right-clicked.

To double-click means to click the left button twice in rapid succession, without moving the pointer. Related procedures, like Ctrl-clicking , work the same way—just click while pressing the specified key.

The menus are the words at the top of your screen: File, Edit, and so on. Some people click to open a menu and then release the mouse button; after reading the menu choices, they click the option they want. Other people like to press the mouse button continuously as they click the menu title and drag down the list to the desired command; only then do they release the mouse button.

Both methods work, so use whichever you prefer. Keyboard shortcuts. Nothing is faster than keeping your fingers on your keyboard to enter data, choose names, trigger commands, and so on—without losing time by grabbing your mouse, carefully positioning it, and then choosing a command or list entry.

On the submenu that appears, choose Customer Type List. Figure 1. Instead of filling pages with long and hard-to-follow instructions for navigating through nested menus and nested folders, the arrow notation is concise and just as informative.

As the owner of a Missing Manual, you have more than just a book to read. You can also communicate with the Missing Manual team and tell us what you love or hate about the book.

Head over to www. Go to www. If you register this book at oreilly. Registering takes only a few clicks. QuickBooks is available in a variety of editions, catering to businesses of all sizes. It allows 3 users access to the same company file at the same time. It has features for invoicing, entering and paying bills, job costing, creating estimates, saving and distributing reports and forms as email attachments, budgeting, projecting cash flow, tracking mileage, customizing forms, customizing prices with price levels, printing shipping labels, and integrating with Word, Excel, and hundreds of other applications.

Another multi user edition is QuickBooks Premier up to five simultaneous users. It can manage inventory items that are assembled from other products and components, make purchase orders from sales orders and estimates, apply pricing levels to specific things, export report templates, create budgets and forecasts, and operate with various units of measurement for items.

It also contains additional capabilities such as reversing journal entries and enhanced invoicing for time and costs. Enterprise Solutions is the edition designed for medium-sized businesses. It outperforms its siblings in terms of speed, size, and durability. A corporate file can be accessed by up to 30 users at once, and this access is at least twice as fast as in the Pro or Premier editions.

It can track inventory across numerous warehouses or stores and generate consolidated data for all of them.

Because more people can access your company file at the same time, this edition includes features like a more comprehensive audit trail, additional options for assigning or limiting user permissions, and the ability to outsource administrative duties to other users. In the year , QuickBooks Desktop for Mac comes with numerous improvements and performs much better and runs faster than previous versions. The features to adjust columns on forms such as invoices and payments, as well as the ability to print directly onto envelopes rather than just labels, are among the new capabilities.

Timesheets are also simpler to fill out, allowing you to devote more time to other duties. QuickBooks has the ability to integrate with a wide range of third-party applications. QuickBooks comes with the following integrations; however, additional RAM will make these functions more useful.

Despite the fact that the tax code grows and shrinks each year, accounting and bookkeeping methods remain relatively constant. Here are the new and improved features of QuickBooks Desktop version:. Overall, QuickBooks is packed with multiple benefits. QuickBooks Desktop Premier comes in General business edition, but you may choose your business industry as per your requirement such as manufacturing contractor wholesaler Nonprofit organization Retailing and professional services.

The new Scheduled Reports Center allows you to customize your reports and schedule them to be generated and emailed automatically. The Scheduled Reports Center allows you to see all your scheduled reports in one place and shows you which ones are active. Begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest.

Save time with faster searching. This center automatically reminds you if important dates. Plus the process of setting up QuickBooks Payroll has been greatly simplified. Always on audit trail that does not slow down performance! All versions have switched to using the sequel database platform. Add multiple e-mail and shipping addresses for your customers. Now you can set Cc e-mail addresses in the customer record which will pre-populate all e-mails created in QuickBooks for that customer.

Processing credit card refunds- now there is a convenient way to show that a refund was provided on the credit memo. Also a Bcc field has been added and users can set company wide default e-mail addresses to pre-populate the Bcc field another improvement to your internal controls!

Voided checks are correctly accounted for by creating offsetting journal entries in the affected accounting period. Improved window for “enter bills”. See the vendors address that will print on the bill payment checks. Improved communication between the item record cost field and the replacement cost purchased on checks, credit card charges, bills and POs. Now you have the option to update the cost in the inventory or service item when creating a new purchase transaction.

Now you can base change item prices on unit cost. This is a choice to change cost of an item in the item record via a pop-up window at the time the purchase transaction is entered. You can elect NOT to display the pop-up message via a checkbox, but whatever choice you make on that transaction to update the item record with the new cost or NOT QuickBooks will use that as the default behavior.

Its a good idea to discuss this new feature with all data entry personnel. You can reverse this decision by selecting “bring back all one time messages” option under preferences general. If the item is a component in an assembly, the bill of materials average cost will change when the assembly item is built Customized pricing and rounding options make it easier to keep your pricing competitive Inventory – Includes a new field for manufacturers part number.

Search and sort by your part number or the vendors. Utility that creates a more compact company file for easier portability such as e-mailing the file to your accountants. If premier is the right product for you, AND, you want all the features of all the editions, purchase the Accountant’s QuickBooks Premier edition as it contains every feature of every QuickBooks premier edition.

Backordered column has been added to the sales order to indicate fulfilled and still open quantities. Invoice has a new backordered column and picking lists can now be printed. Packing lists now show backordered items. If you are a nonprofit and need to track backorders, consider purchasing the accountant’s edition. Backorder functionality on purchase orders as well. POs will display a column for previously received and a separate backorder column Sales order fulfillment worksheet window shows all open orders based on criteria important to you such as oldest orders, shippable dollar amount, or by customer.

Available-to-promise window where you can review how much of an inventory item is on hand, how much has been committed to customers, expected on new POs and how much is pending for builds. Accountant edition – toggle between QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro and all industry specific versions of QuickBooks Premier Select multiple sales orders to consolidate into a single invoice Included in QuickBooks are all the great features added to QuickBooks Improved management of customer payments.

See Tour Automatically handle overpayments or underpayments from customers on the receive payment window. When creating an invoice you can now immediately apply a customer deposit or other outstanding credit on the invoice form no longer must you go to the receive payment window Improved downloading bank and credit card transactions. Match multiple transactions at a time. Associate similar vendors to one existing vendor name for example multiple outlets for the same store See Tour Print envelopes from within QuickBooks.

Improved letter wizard for integration with Word. Plus convert an invoice into a word document for a more personal touch. See Tour Reports navigator making it easy to select the right report to find the information you need See Tour Retained earnings Quick Zoom a feature handy for bean counters aka accountants Shipping manager not available in Basic is now UPS Ready, using customer address information on sales receipts or invoices to pre-fill UPS shipping labels Fed-Ex labels can be printed too , complete with tracking numbers and bar codes.

Schedule pickups and track shipments-directly from QuickBooks. New workers comp feature helps contractors track gross wages by classification code and calculate worker’s comp premiums additional fees apply. Use billing rate levels for all items or just for specific items. Send timesheet hours to invoices and QuickBooks will apply the right rate.

QuickBooks features added to QuickBooks Enterprise not included as part of QuickBooks Pro or Premier Editions Much awaited improvement- providing security access to employees for only those areas of QuickBooks needed to do their job.

Not available in QuickBooks Premier editions, this feature is only available in Enterprise editions makes your decision now a very easy one. View Enterprise QuickBooks Tour Multiple Field Search in List items- Enter search criteria into all relevant fields to quickly produce the specific records you are looking for.

You can even search on custom fields and notes fields. See Tour Loan manager to track loan payments and record interest expense. Undo premature bank reconciliation – an improved reconcile discrepancy report shows you changes and deletions made to previously reconciled transactions. Save forms and reports in pdf format. Time and material invoices- now import both the item descriptions and the notes.

Cash flow projector. QuickBook Premier Customize prices – Set up to price levels per specific item. Customize price levels per item, by dollar amount, for your customers.

Set custom prices for items that are associated with different customers or jobs. Or set up to fixed percentage price levels. Option to add customer’s total balance to printed invoice through the customize form window.

Fixed asset tracker- asset name, serial number, date purchased and disposal date. Accountant- premier addition also adds a fixed asset manager that will calculate and track depreciation. Included in QuickBooks are all of the great features added to QuickBooks Intuit has stopped supporting older versions of QuickBooks and earlier -read more.

QuickBooks Premier. Payroll integrates with QuickBooks, allocates labor costs to job, easy to use, competitively priced, do-it-yourself or complete services QuickBooks Payroll.

Are you ready to buy but need help selecting the right QuickBooks version? Certified QuickBooks Advisors With over 20 years experience working with small business, over 6 years leading QuickBooks Seminars; hundreds of QB new installations.

Ask for our help to make the right decision for your business. Try out QuickBooks add-ons that integrate with QuickBooks. Simplify the way you collect information to run your business.

Do you want to use QuickBooks from remote locations? QuickBooks On-Line Edition simple to use, low cost, no maintenance, always up to date method of handling your accounting from any computer- anywhere. Up to 25 simultaneous users. Affordable, but lacks the advanced features of QuickBooks Pro. Must have high-speed internet connection. No inventory, no sales orders, no purchase orders, no online bill payment, no integration with Microsoft Word. Customer expense tracking, Class tracking, time tracking offered at an additional cost.

Payroll integration available. If your business does not require these features, QuickBooks On-Line is the ideal accounting software solution. Works well when your office is completely virtual with no staff to handle the daily recordkeeping.

QuickBooks on-line’s is always updated, no need to call in your computer expert guy or take time from your busy day to update each of your workstations. What QuickBooks Online Edition can do for you: For the company with relatively simple reporting needs. Time entry from the field is a very convenient feature! Track time for employees and subcontractors, print s. Billing customers invoicing – print or email.

Pay bills Write and print checks Enter and pay bills Recurring bills template Track credit card use Reports customizable reports plus -export to excel. Remote access is also available in QuickBooks Premier. Premier offers remote access for up to 5 users with all the sophisticated accounting and tracking features that help you manage your business.

If you need assistance determining which product to purchase, give us a call, our CPA’s and certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors will be pleased to offer assistance. Novell is supported but not recommended. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. A copy comes with QuickBooks software which requires 70 MB of hard disk space. Therefore file size is not as big of an issue as in previous versions.

Extremely large files may result in a slowing down of processing new transactions or retrieving data into reports. Most small businesses never notice a change in computer processing speed due to large files. Those that do notice can purchase a new computer higher speed which generally solves the problem. It is when companies begin to process payroll for over 50 employees at a time and employ or have 4 or 5 data entry, order entry, bookkeeping individuals all working within the same company file all day long will the size of a QuickBooks file need to be examined As a rule of thumb if you are upgrading from a product like Quicken, or starting a business, or converting from a manual system, or are a small business converting from Peachtree or some other small business software with only users, file size should not be a problem for you.

Of course it is all a function of the number of QuickBooks transactions per month, the number of items per transaction, and the number of links to a transaction for example: payments from a customer to pay one open invoice that is will determine the size of a file. For those larger companies that are interested in QuickBooks but are not sure if QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Premier file considerations for each exactly the same will support their database, the following calculation will help you with your decision:.

Limitations that require more than the following number of items should not Consider Pro, or Premier but should take a look at QuickBooks Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Solutions – unlimited names and items but performance begins to degrade around , Up to 30 simultaneous users. Maximum number of classes is 10, Call us to let a technical expert help you determine if QuickBooks Enterprise is the right choice While QuickBooks provides tremendous accounting capabilities, the following is a situation where it might be a good idea to use a 3rd party inventory product that integrates with QuickBook rather than the QuickBooks Inventory feature: Companies that require an inventory method other than average cost such as FIFO or LIFO may not want to use the inventory feature Top.

Lower pricing and no more hassles with rebate forms. QuickBooks Mac My-Time tracking software now available. QuickBooks Mac New Features:.

Learn how Top. QuickBooks Pro Mac Benefits of using the QuickBooks program: Increase Efficiency: QuickBooks helps you save time and be more efficient, with easy-to-use tools to help you more quickly manage your business finances. Improve Accuracy: QuickBooks has tools designed to help you accurately enter and keep track of the information you need for taxes or other purposes.

QuickBooks helps you organize your information, backup data and control access to critical information, so you have accurate data at your fingertips whenever you need it. Customization Options to Meet Your Needs: Since each business is different, QuickBooks allows you to customize it to fit your particular needs.

Manage Money More Effectively: QuickBooks realizes that every dollar counts, so it helps you find ways to save money today and manage money effectively for longer-term savings.

The features and functionality you pay extra for in QuickBooks Premier software will pay for itself in the reduced set-up time plus and a customized set-up that reduces mistakes.

The added QuickBooks Premier software functionality will help you manage your business and understand your finances like no other accounting package. So if you are a retailer, professional services firm, accountant, manufacturer or wholesaler, contractor or nonprofit, select QuickBooks premier. QuickBooks Premier will reduce stress and aggravation that generally accompanies the process of change and learning something new, plus shorten your learning curve saving valuable employee time.

If there is no industry specific QuickBooks Premier software for you, consider purchasing the QuickBooks Accountant Premier Version – it comes with all of the help menus, sample company files of all the other Premier software products. This is a great opportunity to see how other companies handle transactions that you may also encounter. We here at QBalance. When remote access, sales orders, emailing forms, pdf reports, forecasts, advanced help features, or the other functions that differentiate QuickBooks Premier from QuickBooks Basic and QuickBooks Pro are not needed to run your business, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Basic are still the number one selling small business software because of their sophisticated accounting features.

No other software is as flexible and forgiving to those who are not accountants or bookkeepers. Mistakes are easily rectified and reports are easy to create and interpret. We would be happy to offer assistance to selecting the QuickBooks software product that is right for your company when you make a purchase through this site.

Top QuickBooks Training Home. QuickBooks Software Help. Trouble viewing PDFs in Firefox? Click on your industry or QuickBooks Software desired. Standard Editions of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Premier Software for your industry.

New same low price, one software for both upgraders and new users. You can select transactions in the table to perform bill-related tasks, such as converting purchase orders to bills, paying bills, and so on. Updated Insights tab. This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month date range.

This new date range spans the first day of your fiscal year to the last day of the previous month. This option is available from date-related menus for reports and graphs. Comment attributions in reports. QuickBooks introduced the ability to add comments to reports, so you could provide feedback or ask questions.

But what if several people add comments to a report? In QuickBooks , the Comments pane shows which QuickBooks user created or modified each comment on a report. That way, you know who to contact to answer questions or clarify comments.

Column-search feature in the Modify Report dialog box. When you see the field you want, just click it. Removing multiple emails in the Send Form window. When you run a business or a nonprofit , you track company finances for two reasons: to keep your business running smoothly and to generate the reports required by the IRS, SEC, and anyone else you have to answer to.

QuickBooks helps you perform basic financial tasks, track your financial results, and manage your business to make it even better. Work with more than 14, unique inventory items or 14, contact names. QuickBooks Pro and Premier company files can hold up to 14, inventory items and a combined total of up to 14, customer, vendor, employee, and other Other Names List names.

In the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions edition of the program, the number of names is virtually unlimited. Track personal finances. In addition to opening a separate checking account for your business, you should also track your personal finances somewhere else like in Quicken.

If you do decide to use QuickBooks, at least create a separate company file for your personal financial info. Track the performance of stocks and bonds. Of course, companies invest in things like equipment and office buildings, and you should track investments such as these in QuickBooks. However, in QuickBooks, they show up as assets of your company Creating an Account. Manage specialized details about customer relationships. Lots of information goes into keeping customers happy.

With QuickBooks, you can stay on top of customer activities with features like to-dos, notes, reminders, and memorized transactions. You can also keep track of leads before they turn into customers. But if you need to track details for thousands of members or customers, items sold on consignment, project progress, or tasks related to managing projects, a customer-management program or a program like Microsoft Excel or Access might be a better solution. QuickBooks comes in a gamut of editions, offering options for organizations at both ends of the small-business spectrum.

QuickBooks Pro handles the basic needs of most businesses, whereas Enterprise Solutions the most robust and powerful edition of QuickBooks boasts enhanced features and speed for the biggest of small businesses. Likewise, features vary in the desktop editions for different countries; this book covers the U. This book focuses on QuickBooks Pro because its balance of features and price makes it the most popular edition.